It’s No Secret After All

As a person with a chronic illness, I’m often frustrated by how easily others dismiss illness and just say, if you set an intention to the universe to heal you will. Or what’s even worse is when people respond by asking, “Have you seen The Secret?” Yes, I’ve seen it, I know all about it. And I think people have taken it far too literally. I don’t think that just visualizing being well, or having a new home or a new job will actually cause those things to be a reality. In order for those things to happen, people have to put in the effort, and sometimes the stars don’t align and those efforts don’t pay off. Dreaming isn’t enough. Trust me, I know. If dreams were all that mattered, I would have been a pop star by the time I was 17 and I would have been driving around in […]

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Later Seder


Passover has always been my favorite holiday. As a kid, I always looked forward to the annual Passover Seder. This year, it didn’t come at exactly a good time. So I had to miss the Seder this year. Until…I decided that maybe it wouldn’t be too late to host one of my own. I coined it, “The Later Seder,” and it will now be an annual event. Here’s what we prepared and how, and how we went wrong in a few places.

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This is How I Know I’m Loved

Charlie Brown

I’m OCD. I know it. I’m also not a perfect writer. I’ve always leaned more towards creativity in my writing than perfection, which is quite the accomplishment for someone who is admittedly OCD. Even so, I still just can’t help but grimace when I see some of the most fundamental aspects of language completely butchered. And for that reason, many of my friends show me love by posting images such as these to my personal Facebook page.

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dating sites

This is the first edition of my ongoing report about online dating woes. But before I continue, I should admit that I met my boyfriend of a year online. I had given up on the whole online romance thing. In fact, I think I had just about given up on romance entirely. However, after being somewhat coerced by a friend of mine (to whom I will owe a lifetime of favors should my relationship work out), I finally struck gold. I guess there’s something to be said for tenacity. Of course, if you’re frustrated with online dating and have made a pledge never to try it again, I don’t blame you. If you’re considering going online for the first time, let me give some warnings about what you can expect.

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bulldogThis is my friend’s bulldog. For many years, he was my one and only loyal boyfriend. Even though I have now moved on and found myself a human boyfriend, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for this precious canine.