brown girlI was devastated when my eye doctor told me that due to extreme dryness in my eyes caused by my autoimmune condition, I could no longer wear contact lenses without posing serious risk to my vision. (He also told me that Lasik surgery is out of the question.) For years I saw my four eyes as a shameful reminder of all that was wrong with me. Over time I’ve learned to embrace my four eyes as a symbol of all that’s right – my perseverance, conviction, wisdom developed from years of being my own advocate and healthcare provider, and above all, the realization that I shouldn’t have to apologize for who I am (that’s right, boys). It’s with this idea in mind that I have decided to build an online community. I hope this community will be a source of information for anyone hoping to obtain a better quality of life or inspiration for those who are striving to simply accept who they are. (And, of course, I can’t bring you on this ride without inserting a healthy dose of humor!) Whether you have a chronic illness, are also fabulously four-eyed, or if you are just plain fabulous, please come and join the conversation.