“If you are a fabulous four eyes like me…”

fashionIf you are a fabulous four eyes like me, you MUST go to Fabulous Fanny’s in the East Village neighborhood in NYC. This picture was taken about a year ago when I was showing some of my new Philadelphian friends around NYC. I took them to Veselka for perogies and potato latkes. (I was not adhering to my GF diet at the time. If you are GF, don’t go anywhere near Veselka. It will make you cry. If you’re not GF and you go to NYC without going to Veselka, shame on you!) After my friends and I left Vesekla, we walked a bit further east towards the very first apartment building I lived in after graduating from college. It was then that I stumbled upon Fabulous Fanny’s and just could not resist the temptation to walk in and try on some of their remarkable frames. One of my two gorgeous friends, who only needs glasses for reading, immediately found a plethora of vintage frames that looked fantastic on her. I, who need glasses 24/7 in order to simply function in the world, couldn’t find a thing. Finally, I asked one of the workers if there was anything I could do to find frames that made me look fabulous, and he selected these. I now own them. I returned to Fabulous Fanny’s a couple of months ago and I now own another pair. And, as I did the last time, upon returning to Philadelphia I visited the artisans at Modern Eye to have them fabricate the lenses for me. Between these two stores, a four-eyed person just can’t go wrong. (Note: Modern Eye is a bit pricey but they do accept vision plans if you’re lucky enough to have one. I do and as a result, my lenses that would normally cost over $400 only cost over $100. In fact, with my VSP plan, I could have gotten $150 off new frames from Modern Eye. And I will, before the year is up, because this store also deserves my loyal business.)

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