This is How I Know I’m Loved

Charlie BrownOK, I’m OCD. I know it. I’m also not a perfect writer. When I was in college, my boyfriend (who was also an ass, by the way) once remarked that if my paper garnered an “A” he wondered about the quality of our university’s academics. (Again, did I mention that he was an ass?)

I’ve always leaned more towards creativity in my writing than perfection, which is quite the accomplishment for someone who is admittedly OCD. Luckily for me, I’ve had professors who appreciated that quality in my writing. Over the years I have of course succumbed to the whims of professors who expected me to hand in writing that followed all of the academic standards, but those papers were just awful to read and even worse to write. Even so, I still just can’t help but grimace when I see some of the most fundamental aspects of language completely butchered. And for that reason, many of my friends show me love by posting images such as these to my personal Facebook page.

Grammar But Not VandalanceI Love Grammar

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