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canstockphoto0232752_grocery-bagIf you’re new to a gluten-free diet, you may not yet know which products are worth the spend. The best advice I have been given is just to avoid substitute foods entirely and try my best to live a grain-free lifestyle. But with my busy schedule that’s easier said than done. If you’re in the same boat as me and are striving to eat healthier but you still want some quick things you can grab for yourself or your family members, here are a few recommendations:

Bread: Amaranth Bakery in the Philadelphia area makes unbelievable gluten-free bread, rolls, and flatbreads. Note: I don’t know much about their baking process so I can’t guarantee their products are safe for everyone, but I do know folks with Celiac Disease who have eaten Amaranth products without any issue. If you don’t have Amaranth in your area, try Rudi’s Multigrain Sandwich Bread. I actually think it’s a much better texture than any of the Udi’s brands I have tried. (They are two separate companies — it’s certainly unfortunate that the names are so similar!)

Kids’ Cereal: EnviroKidz Gorilla Munch

Cereal: Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise

Pasta: I found this La Pasta product at my local Whole Foods and thought I was seeing things. Fresh gluten-free ravioli…finally!

Chocolate Cake Mix: Cherrybrook Kitchen makes a variety of tasty cake mixes. If you’re looking for something healthy, stay tuned for recipes that I’ll be sharing that do not use refined sugar. But if you need a quick fix this will do just fine.

Baking Mix: Authentic Foods Pancake & Baking Mix (free of gluten, nuts, dairy, corn, soy)

Sugar: Wholesome Organic Sweeteners are great for use in cakes. For my purposes, I tend to try and skip any granulated sugar and instead I use maple syrup. But if you’re really in a bind and you need brown sugar or powdered sugar for a recipe, this is a widely available brand.

Shortening: Spectrum Organic Palm Oil Shortening will work wonders in you vegan recipes. (Note: Don’t get the butter flavor. Stick with the plain.) And on that note, if you’re OK with dairy go for the real thing.

Nuts: Tierra Farms Maple Mixed Nuts (These are like crack.) You can also try Nuts + Nuts Honey Sesame Cashews. (I have met the owner of this company and I believe in her and her mission wholeheartedly.)

Pretzels: Synders of Hanover GF 100 calorie pretzel packs

Tortilla Chips: Food Should Taste Good Multigrain

Soy Sauce : San-J Wheat-Free Organic Tamari Sauce

Deli Meats: Applegate Farms makes a number of gluten-free deli meats, bacon, hot dogs and sausages that are all tasty and made with the right stuff. I really like their chicken & apple breakfast sausage. Try your best to get the refrigerated version but if it’s hard to find, the frozen chicken sausage still tastes good for a rushed morning routine.

Beer: Angry Orchard makes a wonderful Apple Ginger cider. It has been my go-to during this fall/winter season. As for regular beers, there are some decent beers that have the gluten removed, but I still don’t believe those are safe for people with Celiac Disease. New Grist makes an acceptable sorghum-based beer, which is saying a lot. However, I just tend to stick with cider.

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